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Why Choose Complete IP

There are many great reasons to use Complete IP for your trademark services. 


If you would like to see why our clients are happy, click here.


Contact us now if you would like to make an enquiry - there is no fee and no obligation.


First and foremost, we care about our clients and we care about the protection of their trademarks.


We offer free initial consultation with respect to trademarks, and a variety of free advice and information throughout. 


Our fees are lower than the majority of trademark attorney firms and trademark registration businesses.


We know other firms offer what appear to be lower fees, however there are a number of 'grey' areas – often they exclude government charges (our fees are always inclusive). In some cases, we have been made aware, they will charge per minute spent reporting to you throughout the process (again, our fees are inclusive of this time), or even cease to represent you once the application is filed so all further actions are left to you to figure out. (We could liken this practice to having a new floor laid - the builder came, pulled the old floor up, left the materials for the new floor and then left the rest up to you).


We have also seen competitor's fees indicating GST is paid on government fees as well as their professional fee (there is no GST on the government fees to apply or register your trademark).As our interest is in assisting you to successfully protect your intellectual property, we offer a variety of payment options to enable even the smallest and newest of businesses to be able to do so.New businesses will benefit from our free information sheets and checklists regarding all aspects of setting up your business.Our consultants are experienced in dealing with trademarks both in Australia and overseas


We have an excellent track record in successful applications including following adverse reports (government reports) - and, unlike attorney firms, we will assess your report and make recommendations for free, even if you have filed your own trademark application, not hundreds of dollars!


We offer “one stop shopping” for all your trademark needs – from your initial search through to your renewal in ten years time! Most firms will charge you to diarise renewal (or any other) dates and to remind you of them – Complete IP doesn’t! We also offer trademark monitoring throughout.

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