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Our clients come from many different locations and many different industries and we always enjoy hearing their feedback.


We hope you enjoy reading what some of our clients have said.

"Thank you very much for your assistance with our trademark registration. I had doubts there for a while that we were going to pull it off but you were professional all the way through and made it very hassle free."


Jason Donney, Director



"I Just want to tell you how wonderful & efficient we think you are & this is the sole reason we have chosen your company. Thanks, it is wonderful service"


Nellie Kerrison, Owner



"I commenced my business journey, not with one, but two businesses in 2009. As I am in the branding business, it's important for me to trademark my brands. Complete IP made the process so easy, affordable and were very flexible with me from the very beginning. The information, communication and support I received is consistent and first class. I now refer all of my branding clients to Complete IP for their trademark and know 100% my clients will receive the support they need throughout the process. Thank you Complete IP, for your help with my three trademarks and ensuring my clients have a positive experience with their own trademarks. You are our preferred supplier!" 


Heather James, Branding Specialist and Owner of Introspect Design |initiate |innovate | ignite®, Founder of Inspiring Mums® and Author, "My Attitude Will Change Yours!"®



"Hi all you small business onwers out there. Thinking of trademarking your name or or logo? I got mine done through Complete IP Pty Limited. They are really friendly and extremely helpful. They also offer payment plans, so you're not hit with any huge upfront fees."


Jennifer McCartin, Owner, Nine Months More



"Thanks again for all the information!  Quite honestly your help and advice has been absolutely brilliant and I have learned a lot from you.  Just want you to know that I have greatly appreciated your time and your support."


Jo Wells, Owner



"Thanks again for the assistance you've given me with ALL my issues. In my mind you have gone above and beyond what's expected. You've advised me, you've counseled me...and all with great patience and care. I could not have asked for better service from a vendor."


Fiona Ivancsik, Owner/Director  



"I would like to express my thanks to you both for making it so easy to find my way through the ‘minefield’ of protecting my company logo. Your useful advice, fast response and very pleasant demeanour has been a very pleasant surprise. I had truly expected to be dealing with yet another group of people wrapped up in their own ‘officialdom’ and importance.

I would unhesitatingly recommend your service and personal assistance to anyone requiring helpful advice and assistance in preparing to trademark a logo or name."


Thomas Hayes - Managing Director 



"Thanx for your time and assistance, nobody could complain about the service you offer. I think that you guys are great, fantastic service thank you."


Suzanne Edge - Owner/Director, Gnarly Art



"Thanks again for your help on our three trademarks. In all our dealings to date we have found all of the staff at Complete IP to be extremely professional, knowledgeable, and most of all friendly and easy to work with.


As a whole of process the delivery of your service has been seamless and exceptional. In our businesses we also aim to provide a similar level of customer focused  service and it is often not recognised.


I would like to take the time to congratulate Complete IP on their business practices and service delivery and would welcome the opportunity to recommend your service to others seeking to secure their intellectual property. I have already recommended you to other colleagues!"


Adrian Swain - Director



"Thanks again for your sensible and clear advice in an area I find seriously mind boggling ;) You've given me great peace of mind to know I have commenced the first critical step in the trade mark process. Attached is my application for "go gorgeous". I know she's in good hands."


Michela D'Addario - Director & Principal Consultant, Creative Evolution Consultancies.



"We have found Complete IP to be prompt and diligent with every task we have asked for our trademarks both nationally and globally.  We currently have trademarks pending and Complete IP always keep me informed of where each mark is at without my request." 


Kristen Moran, Capture-Cam Holdings Pty Limited



"I appreciate your pro-activity in researching Slique... In fact I'm sure you would like to know that this was actually the deciding factor between Complete IP and another provider I had also contacted, who simply sent me a price list. The customised touch made all the difference!"


Nicole Phillips - Marketing & Business Development Manager 



"Thanks for setting me straight with your explanation re: trademarks. It was nice to finally have somebody explain something in my language for a change!!!"


 Martine McEvoy - Owner/Director 



"Thank you for getting our trademark application through so quickly and smoothly.  We found your service to be fantastic."


Kerryn Harrington, Treasurer & Public Officer



"You took the time to explain and did what you said you were going to do. HAPPY CUSTOMER!  


Hans Ten Bruin, Australian Business For Sale ®



"This was the first time I had to register a trademark, so it was good that my contact at your organisation took the time to answer all my questions (even the silly ones), the response was always quick and the detailed information was also helpful."


Vista Visuals Australia Pty Limited



I found that our "follow up and thorough assistance in understanding the process" was really great.


Act Today Pty Limited  - Michael Bryant, Director



"The service at Complete IP was "extremely helpful...very pleased, thankyou".

Compliance Master International Pty Limited - Peter Mills, Managing Director



"Knowledgeable, thorough and detailed information and services provided.  Highly recommended!"


Layer'd Pty Limited - Joe Hallums, Director



"Old fashioned" service not seen anymore, honest, professional & personal. A job well done!

Paul Maiolo, Director, Biz-Oz Pty Ltd



"Great customer services, professional answers for all the questions"


Becky Zhang, Administration Manager, 4 Ken




"We appreciated the frequent updates as to the progress of the marks, and prompt replies to our many questions. Very professional."


Melissa Pavlovic, Manager, Shadow's Gym



"I felt I received the personal touch which  made me feel at ease throughout the whole process.  I was so happy to have selected your company for trademarking. Your free initial search was the attraction for me. Thanks"


Louise Clare Taylor, Natural Therapist



"I Just want to tell you how wonderful & efficient we think you are & this is the sole reason we have chosen your company. Thanks, it is wonderful service"


Nellie Kerrison, Owner

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