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Trademarks, Design Registration, Patents, Licensing of IP.

Affordable Intellectual Property Protection

Complete IP is a Leading Provider of Advice and Registration of Intellectual Property Protection.


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Welcome to the home of Complete IP. Throughout our site you will find information about Intellectual Property. This includes trademarks, designs, patents and more.


You would insure any real estate property you own wouldn't you? Then you should also be protecting any intellectual property you own.


All businesses have at least one trademark. Your business name or company name is a trademark! A logo you use is a trademark! No matter how large or small your business is, it is worth protecting it. It is often suggested that you use the services of a professional organisation to assist in these processes as they can often be complicated and time consuming. 



  • Australian Trademark Search & Registration.

  • International Trademark Search & Registration.

  • Design Search & Registration.

  • Patent Search & Registration.



  • Agriculture & Energy

  • Computer & Technology

  • Environmental

  • Life Sciences

  • Medical Device

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